The Roll3 System

The Roll3 system is a Role Playing Game, or RPG.

Lets start with what Roll3 is not:

  • A table top RPG
  • A pen and paper RPG
  • A game that requires a map
  • A game that requires miniatures
  • A third person game

Now what Roll3 can be:

  • Everything in the above list

There are only a couple of rules to follow:

  • What the DM says is law (unless it makes absolutely no sense, but you’ll have to work it out with him / her)
  • When the DM says, “Roll”, you have to say a number between 1 and 3.
    • So if the DM says, “Roll” and you say 4, that’s wrong.

The way it works is the narrative between the player and DM goes on as it normally would until the DM wants insert an element of randomness.

  1. When the DM wants some chance in the game, he or she picks a number between 1 and 3.
  2. Once the DM has that member in mind, they should assign an event to happen if the players number matches or doesn’t match their number.
    1. not necessarily good or bad, but different
  3. Once the DM has a number and an event in mind, they ask the player to choose a number between 1 and 3 by saying “Roll.”
  4. If the player’s number matches the DM’s, then the event the DM has chosen comes into play.

For example:

DM: “You are in an ally way. In the distance you hear the rattling of a can, but otherwise, silence.”

Player: “I walk towards the sound, to check out its source.”

DM: “Roll”

The DM chooses 2 in his head and decides that should the player match his number then the player will find a trap door leading down to a secret lair for the Majestic 12 (ala Deus Ex).

Player: “2”

DM: “As you walk towards the source of the sound, your foot catches on a grate and lifts it open. The grate looks like it could have been flush with the pavement underfoot; the cover of the grate looks to be pavement as well and you probably wouldn’t have seen it had your foot not caught on it.”

The Roll3 System

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