Boston Bizarre

Alex Falls Down
Nice job...

Location: Somewhere in Egypt; In a tomb Time of day: Dusk; almost night Characters Involved: Alexander Morpheus Thorne

While trying to discover something of value, so as not to get fired, Alex notices a wall that is devoid of dust. After feeling the wall and pressing on it, he notices, first, that it’s slightly warm to the touch and second that it is vibrating lightly, if irregularly.

The vibration interests him sufficiently so he decides to put his ear up against the wall and see if he can discern the source of the mysterious vibration. He thinks he can hear the distant sounds of a city, but knows that’s impossible as the tomb is in the middle of a desert. He can’t quite make out the sound though, and presses his other ear against the wall. As he redistributes his weight to lean more against the wall, he falls directly back into the room. Somehow he thinks to himself he must have turned completely around and fallen down.

Standing up, disoriented and confused, he looks around. At first sight, nothing is different, but he soon notices distinct articles missing from the room, such as his chisel set and various sundry items. He checks his pockets and finds that he still has his canteen, his whip, and his wallet (containing $2.74 and a picture of his baby sister Liza).

Next he realizes that he is covered in a light layer of goop and that there is light emanating from the exit of the tomb where there was none before. The sound he heard from the wall is now much, much louder and is clearly the sound of a raucous celebration.


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