Alexander Morpheus Thorne

A once wannabe Indiana Jones, now a powerful fay trained wizard.


Has 5 tarot cards with him at all times; a gift from Sebille, his captor and his advisor.

Instead of a focusing rod, he uses his whip.


Upon entering a tomb in hopes of impressing his mentor (who totally is not Indiana Jones), Alex falls into the Nevernever, where he is entrapped in an ancient fay ritual. The ritual entails creating a magical booby trap of sorts and luring in one of sufficient power to sense and be interested by it, but not know its danger.

Alex is just the sort. He emerges from the tomb to find a festival and is showered with gifts. Since he does not know about the fay’s equal gift exchange mores, he is indebted to Sebille a very powerful and completely insane (even by the fay standard) fay practitioner.

Alexander Morpheus Thorne

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